Voltage (V): This refers to the operating voltage of the fans. A voltage of 230V AC is generally used in Europe. The most frequent direct current voltages (DC) are 12V and 24V, although we also supply at 3V, 5V or 48V

Frequency (Hz): AC fans operate at 50Hz or 60Hz. In Europe 50Hz is obtained from the mains supply.

Airflow (m3/h): air volume is measured in cubic meters per hour, when blowing free. In some cases cfm (cubic feet per minute) is also used to express airflow. The conversion ratio is cfm x 1.7 = m3/h

Sound level dB (A): noise level of the free-blowing fan.

Bearings: in order to produce round, silent rotation, the fan shaft has bearings in its mounts. Depending on the application, fan mount direction and other factors, either ball or friction bearings are used. Some manufacturers use their own bearings. For some time now, for example, Sunon has been using its VAPO © bearings with excellent results.

Power (wattage): technical specifications usually indicate absorbed power, i.e. the wattage required by the fan motor to operate properly. Useful power is that transferred by the motor to the shaft. The difference between absorbed and useful power generally indicates the motor’s performance (efficiency). The smaller this difference, the more efficient the motor is.

Temperature range (°C): this refers to the ambient temperature at which the fan should operate.

Useful life (h): this is calculated on the basis of life tests conducted under normal operating conditions.

MagLev Motors: these motors are equipped with VAPO © bearings, which are developed and used by Sunon. They are used basically for DC compact axial fans, and also for AC compact fans.

ErP: this means Energy related Products. It refers to European Directive 2009/125 to increase the efficiency of electric motors and fans, as well as other items.

EC motors: these are motors that comply with the directive mentioned in the above paragraph. They are DC motors that are electronically commutated for use with alternating current (AC). As well as reduced consumption, they also yield other advantages such as simple electronic control.